Lose 15 Pounds In 15 Weeks With #FitIn15!!

I often get asked “What if it doesn’t work?” Here’s my question to you. What if it DOES?? When it comes to improving your health, adding pure, natural NUTRITION to your diet can ONLY DO GOOD THINGS FOR YOU! Visi is proud to have superior, premium products that use only natural ingredients. Join our Fit In 15 community challenge by ordering the “Fit In 15″ pack HERE! Then search your favourite social media sites for #FitIn15 to see the results and updates from all the others who took the challenge! Are you ready to get started? Go click the link above!! Questions? Ask me on FACEBOOK!

Fit In '15 - Lose 15 pounds in 15 weeks!!
Fit In ’15 – Lose 15 pounds in 15 weeks!!


Incredible transformation! What would 90 days with Visi do for you?
Incredible transformation! What would 90 days with Visi do for you?
Get Shredded with AC2 technology featuring hydrolyzed collagen protein!
Get Shredded with AC2 technology featuring hydrolyzed collagen protein!

Looking Great With Visi 10/2 & A Chew!!

Stunning transformation achieved with Visi! Having trouble reaching your health & wellness goals? Order a Body Sculpt Pack featuring Nufinna lifestyle smoothies, Vinnle weight loss and Probita collagen chews for just $199.99 per month!

Stunning Transformation!
10 amazing months with Visi!


Vinnle – the fat burning powerhouse with ARCTIC CLOUDBERRY!


Visi Sculpt Packs featuring exclusive AC2 Technology!
Visi Sculpt Packs featuring exclusive AC2 Technology!

Best Proteins for Athletes: Do NOT Use Whey or Soy!

Why the Best Protein Products for Recreational Runners & Athletes Are Not Made from Whey or Soy

It’s quite common for bodybuilders and athletes to supplement their diets with proteins and vitamins. However, you should know what protein products are before using them to help with your fitness goals. Common protein products are made from a variety of natural sources such as whey, soy, rice and eggs. The protein is extracted and converted into a powder which can then be mixed with a liquid to make a protein shake.The best protein products are also available in tablet form, protein chews, and other products.The problem with some protein sources is that they aren’t easily digestible. Whey and soy, for example can’t be metabolized efficiently by the body. That is one of the reasons why more people are turning to hydrolyzed collagen-based products.

What is the Protein Efficiency Ratio? 

collagen absorption
Packed with all 20 Amino Acids, Visi’s Enzyme Hydrolyzed Collagen is the perfect protein!

To evaluate the quality of protein in food, scientists test it using the protein efficiently ratio PER.This calculation measures the weight gain of a test subject, divided by his intake of a particular food during the test period. Whey and soy proteins showed little to no benefit. Collagen builds mass and muscle, which weighs more than fat, so the protein is considered of higher quality.  What makes one type of protein higher quality than another is more than just weight gain. It is more important that  the body is able to absorb and use the protein.Whey and soy protein won’t help build up collagen or repair damage. They are also not well metabolized. So, you may gain weight and replace some of the protein lost during a vigorous workout, but you won’t help repair your body in the same was as when you uses hydrolyzed collagen products.

The Best Protein Hydrolyzed Collagen Product

Hydrolyzed collagen has a bovine source, because cow collagen and human collagen are nearly identical. This allows the body to instantly recognize and utilize this protein.There are two methods of preparing hydrolized collagen: enzymatic using natural enzymes and acid hydrolysis. Although the acid hydrolysis may be easier to make and thus cheaper to purchase, the natural fruit enzyme process results in a better quality product. Regardless of the process used, the end result is the same: the collagen is broken down into amino acids. These amino acids are easily absorbed by the bloodstream, and become the building blocks for strong, healthy collagen. This process may be fairly new, but using hydrolyzed collagen is not new at all. For hundreds of years people have been using this protein for cooking. It has been proven to improve hair and skin quality, and reduce the effects of aging.

The Importance of Collagen to Your Body

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. It forms the connective tissues in your skin, muscles, ligaments, cartilage and capillaries.As you age, the natural collagen in your body begins to deteriorate and production renews at a slower rate.Although most people associate protein products with bodybuilders and athletes, new studies show that they are beneficial for people of all ages, especially older people.Your body must be healthy on the inside in order for it to appear healthy on the outside.

If you want to fight the effects of aging, saggy skin, and prevent many of the aches and pains associated with aging, then give your body what it needs. Creams and lotions may cover up your wrinkles for a while, but they won’t heal dead skin cells or promote new growth. And they won’t help one bit with the aches and pains. Only the best collagen protein products can do that.I recommend Visi Probita. It’s what I use every day. Click to read more about these high protein snacks.


The steps I take to lose weight

  • Eat clean
  • Gym
  • Supplement with Visi

That is what it takes! Today I am feeling great! A bit of exercise in the morning, a Vinnle capsule at 10 am, a Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Nufinna smoothie (the BOMB!!!) for lunch and another Vinnle at 2:30 along with a Probita collagen protein chew. This combination is working wonders! I’ve lost 8 pounds over 3 weeks, tightened the belt another hole and feel like I have endless energy!

Many people have told me that nobody needs Visi to lose weight, that it can be done without it. Well let me clear this up – I tried losing weight for ten years with zero success without Visi. I GAINED weight, never managed to lose any! Bringing Visi into my life instantly curbed my cravings and appetite. I lost 19 pounds the very first month without dieting or exercising! I just didn’t feel like I needed to eat as much. Portion control and willpower in a little capsule!! So now, 60 pounds lost, I can say 100% that Visi is the difference maker. Yes, many people lose weight their own way, but Visi accelerates the process! And helps with sooo many other nutritional/health related issues, that even without the weight loss, their products are still phenomenal and NEEDED by our bodies!

As a Visi partner, I get paid to share my story. Yes, if you buy from me, I make a bit of money. But here’s the thing – I would be sharing these products with people whether I got paid or not! Just like recommending a restaurant, I’m recommending a line of products that have impressed me. I hope everyone takes the opportunity to try the Visi products. To find out which products are best for you, email me or visit www.chumba.net today!

Lead Your Best Life!

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