The steps I take to lose weight

  • Eat clean
  • Gym
  • Supplement with Visi

That is what it takes! Today I am feeling great! A bit of exercise in the morning, a Vinnle capsule at 10 am, a Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Nufinna smoothie (the BOMB!!!) for lunch and another Vinnle at 2:30 along with a Probita collagen protein chew. This combination is working wonders! I’ve lost 8 pounds over 3 weeks, tightened the belt another hole and feel like I have endless energy!

Many people have told me that nobody needs Visi to lose weight, that it can be done without it. Well let me clear this up – I tried losing weight for ten years with zero success without Visi. I GAINED weight, never managed to lose any! Bringing Visi into my life instantly curbed my cravings and appetite. I lost 19 pounds the very first month without dieting or exercising! I just didn’t feel like I needed to eat as much. Portion control and willpower in a little capsule!! So now, 60 pounds lost, I can say 100% that Visi is the difference maker. Yes, many people lose weight their own way, but Visi accelerates the process! And helps with sooo many other nutritional/health related issues, that even without the weight loss, their products are still phenomenal and NEEDED by our bodies!

As a Visi partner, I get paid to share my story. Yes, if you buy from me, I make a bit of money. But here’s the thing – I would be sharing these products with people whether I got paid or not! Just like recommending a restaurant, I’m recommending a line of products that have impressed me. I hope everyone takes the opportunity to try the Visi products. To find out which products are best for you, email me or visit today!

Visi Reviews & Testimonies!

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The Visi Story

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Nufinna Smoothie Now Available!


The wait is over! Visi’s newest product is now available. It is a premium meal replacement smoothie featuring 12 grams of the amazing collagen protein per serving, along with 12 servings of fruits and vegetables per serving! It’s so amazing to fit all that nutrition into one serving of a smoothie and to keep it under 200 calories! An absolute nutritional breakthrough! Try Nufinna for 90 days – see and feel the results you’ve been looking for! For a healthier, slimmer, younger looking you, Nufinna is what you’ve been looking for!

With such an amazing new product that is creating life changing transformations, we are expanding our team of brand partners. If you would like more info about joining our amazing team, please contact me at for more info!

Note: Until the Visi website is updated to allow online customer orders, please email me to place your order!