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The Visi Story

Rich tradition, strong leadership and fantastic timing. Visi is changing lives every day – in 2 years, Visi has 1000 partners who earn $1000/month or more! That is incredible! I am looking to expand my team, and want to show you how I became one of those 1000 members and how YOU can do the same! Check out this video and contact me at

Nufinna Smoothie Now Available!


The wait is over! Visi’s newest product is now available. It is a premium meal replacement smoothie featuring 12 grams of the amazing collagen protein per serving, along with 12 servings of fruits and vegetables per serving! It’s so amazing to fit all that nutrition into one serving of a smoothie and to keep it under 200 calories! An absolute nutritional breakthrough! Try Nufinna for 90 days – see and feel the results you’ve been looking for! For a healthier, slimmer, younger looking you, Nufinna is what you’ve been looking for!

With such an amazing new product that is creating life changing transformations, we are expanding our team of brand partners. If you would like more info about joining our amazing team, please contact me at for more info!

Note: Until the Visi website is updated to allow online customer orders, please email me to place your order!


Cutting Fat, Building Muscle & Feeling GREAT!

hey guys! Just wanted to share what I’ve been up to lately! I am working out 3 days a week now. I have completed Couch to 5k, and now jog a mile or 2 prior to each workout. My current pace is 9.5 minutes/mile, which won’t win me any races, but its a start! My body is responding very very well to the weight lifting! I am using the machines, not free weights. Love the simplicity of my workout. As I continue this journey towards 200 lbs, I’ll start doing muscle-group specific workouts, but for now its full body each time I go in. In the past couple months, I’ve stayed steady between 246 and 255. BUT!!!! BUT I’ve lost 1.5″ from my stomach and GAINED almost 1″ of bicep!! I use Vinnle to cut fat, plus Energy & Probita pre-workout. I then follow up my workout with another Probita. And I take a Probita when I wake up, and another before bed! I’ve never felt so good in my adult life! Pain free in the knees. My hair & fingernails are growing like crazy! In the past 2 months, I’ve gone down a pant size and 2 notches on the belt! I bring a Visi sample pack to the gym EVERY time I go – and guess what? – there is always someone to share this amazing company with! I hope you all take a look at this video and come join me in this awesome opportunity to become more fit physically AND financially!!! Thanks for following me and my weight loss!!

Visi Business Overview from Visi Videos on Vimeo.

Probita Collagen Protein for Pain & Inflammation

Visi Probita Collagen Protein

Visi Probita revitalizes your body. It’s your body. Probita makes it better!

Well this explains why my knees don’t hurt anymore! Probita enzyme hydrolyzed collagen protein – chocolate flavour for me! Love this stuff! Running 5k at the gym and feeling great! Building muscle & burning fat! I AM VISI! I’m hoping to reach my initial goal of 220 lbs by the end of May!! That would be 88 lbs lost! Then only 20 more pounds to lose over the summer to finally reach 200 pounds. I can’t wait! Thank you Visi!!

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Follow this link to order Probita today for just $64.99 with convenient monthly shipments to your home! Visi knows you’re going to love it, that’s why they offer a 100% moneyback guarantee – not that you’ll need it!